SC-ML a leading Multinational Forwarding Company with Charter and Project expertise. SC-ML understands given the increasing size and complexity of today’s Capital projects that many manufacturers look to turn to the SC-ML Chartering team, who are specialists in turnkey and projects within a number of industries.

These industries including construction, mining, energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, engineering, marine and Off-shore Industries.

SC-ML have a good reputation and relationship with many first class Ship Owners and Aircraft owners. Our well-versed professionals are dedicated in the movement of special cargoes that requires urgent attention by air or sea through full or part chartering of the Aircraft / Vessel with 24×7 hr support. We are specialized in Dry Bulk cargo movement (Part and Full charter basis), heavy lift equipment, Iron and steel (sheets, beams, coils, pipes and structures).Etc.

SC-ML’s dedicated chartering team is fully supported by an extensive database of Ship’s and aircrafts positions worldwide, enabling rapid solutions in sourcing the most suitable ship’s and aircraft’s for the cargo at the time and place to suit our client’s requirements.